Promoting, The Right Way!

Few weeks back I released a WordPress theme – Portraiture.

When I first released it, I thought it will be a huge hit and that too all by it self, with zero external force. Quickly I realized I was wrong. For a week I was checking Google Analytics every day to monitor progress and hits. Damn, It was depressing.

So eventually I decided to take some steps. I started of with tweeting on twitter. Result was bad. I had such good product for community and didn’t know how to promote it.

Then, I went back to grand daddy of information – Google. And after a couple of hours of research. I understood that I was doing it all wrong.

It doesn’t matter if your product is good or bad. If you want to sell, You need to market it right!

In short, I learnt an important MBA lesson :) Anyways, If you want to promote you WordPress theme then following are the places you wanna hit:


There’s one more thing that I did! I searched Google for free themes and started posting comments and links. Don’t spam though, give brief intro about your theme

Result? 100+ downloads in less than two weeks.

New home

Heyy everybody,

I am writing this post to tell you that Portraiture – Ultimate free WordPress theme has got a new home at:

Do take a look around :) Also, do share it with your friends if you like it :)


What am I cooking these Days?

“Hello World!”

It’s been couple of weeks since I have joined a new company. Now,  since that I am working. It meanns that I’ll have less time for doing things that I love most. The descision was not easy but was a necessary one.

Anyways, some of you may be waiting for my post on getting free twitter followers. Well, that post is still lying around as a draft. I never got a chance to complete it. But, dont worry I’ll publish it soon and I guarantee you guys that it will help you!

Now coming to the real motive of this post. After working on WordPress for so many years, I have now decided to give back something to the community. For that, I am building a theme framework. There are plenty already in market, but this one will be awesome! I assure you of that. I won’t leak out the features yet 😉 just have some patience and you’ll see it yourself.

And yes, Only thing you can know right now about it is that I’ll be open source :)