Why Do Most of the Startups Fail

This post is related to my life. It’s a kind of experience I have gained in last few years.

Never trust anyone, not even your best friend

This one’s hard to digest but is a bitter truth about life. Money can make anybody crazy like a coo-koo :) If you are starting a business in a partnership then do remember to agree everything on papers not on words. It’s doesn’t take much time to make people crazy

Never start without money

Everyone talks about this, you must have read it over Internet. This one specifically applies for those who are not fully enthusiastic about their businesses. Everyone thinks that they are, but think again!

Never open your cards unless required

Never share what you have in your mind related to your business, You never know who may steal your idea. There’s a saying that says

anyone can copy your idea, but no one can copy your execution

This is true but only if you have launched your product. Don’t share it if you have not started developing it.

Get a MBA if it’s required

There are a lot of debates happening all the time on this. Not every body requires a MBA. Some are born leaders and some have support in many other ways. I would suggest if you are require MBA then go for it. It’s only two years that will be wasted on studies and it’s better to waste them on studies then rather repenting your whole life.

Few Examples of those whom I think should get an MBA

  • A Person from a non business background or family
  • A person who have less money and want to start a traditional business
  • A person from a pure technical background without managerial experience
  • A person who lacks managerial skills

These are some thing that I have learnt, hope will help you guys.

How I got stabbed

Hi all,

Well I know it’s not a good way to start a blog (again) with this kinda post. But I can’t really think of other things rightnow. Those people who know me in person must be knowing that I left me job few months back to start with my entrepreneurial dreams. And guess what, Now I have stared to get this feeling that it was my biggest mistake.

How? Well i joined a friend of mine and started an IT outsourcing company. It was all running fine and going very smoothly. Then after few weeks I started to get a feeling that my partner may be cheating on me. I preferred to remain quiet and waited for some proof that would come by me eventually.

And guess what? Some divine intervention took place. What happened was, when I configured emails for both of us I was trying to learn about forwarding feature in cpanel for emails. I gave it a shot and forwarded every email to some other email address. After sometime, I forgot about it.

Then few weeks back, I received a call from my partner, screaming like anything over the phone. I decided to check my emails on the forwarded email address. I had to reset the password cause i didn’t used it for many months. And what I found was not at all good.

There were paypal receipts in it. And some receipts that I received as a CC from my partner. Amount was different in both of them. Diff was of $200. and couple of other things. I was in a shock.

I don’t know but I was shocked to know that how can a person do this to you. He was my friend for past 8 years.

I think, it’s money that drives you crazy. When I look to it in a positive way, I think that I am lucky I found out about it early. On the other side, I am jobless and nothing to do. I’ll have to start all over again. I am not afraid of that, but I am frustrated about it.