Twitter is down again

It seems that Hackers have fallen in love with twitter. This is the second time I am seeing twitter being down for more than 20 minutes. Twitter is really finding it hard to handle “Over Capacity”.

Yeah It’s been more than 20 minutes now. If you goto you’ll see following image:

Twitter home page
Twitter home page

I think twitter guys should take their system’s weaknesses more seriously now. On the other side, I was wondering whether Mr. Bill Gates has to do something with it 😉 He recently joined Twitter *grin*read about this news here!

Asset Management in CodeIgntier

This is a quick tip, I wanna share with you all.

many of you must be using CodeIgniter for development of web apps. And I know everyone of you must have faced the problem of asset management (css, JS, images) in Codeigntier. Well here’s a quick tip for it and making it hassle free.

use of base tag in head section

First of all place all your files in some folder, this is how I use it. I always create three folders viz. css, images and js in root folder of codeigniter app. Then add following in head section

<base href=”<?php echo base_url(); ?>” />

After this, u can use only partial links in all you linking relative to you base href’s property!

For eg.

<script src=”js/jquery.min.js”></script>

and thats all, You won’t have to include base_url all the time in your codes for linking. It can be used for everything like images, scripts, css files etc.

Hope you find it useful!

Necromancer – JQuery Flickr Search

I am excited to tell you guys about Necromancer. What is it? Well, It’s a very small tool I have created using JQuery, It basically is a full screen Flickr search engine :)

Necromancer - A Flickr Search Engine
Necromancer - A Flickr Search Engine

Take a look at it at:

What it does?

It pulls images from Flickr using Flickr API. I also have included some search options in it. Feel free to play around with it. I have not included any kind of license with it as it is still in it’s very early stages. Later on Maybe I’ll introduce BSD license to it.

I’ll also create a full application out of it. So do check back for updates!


A Better Programming Stack!

We all programmers always try to find ways to do work more quickly and efficiently. Ask any programmer and he’ll say that “I have to write code again and again for so many things! I hate it!”. I am not talking about using for loops and functions here. I am talking about database connectivity, cross platform compatibility. I am talking about Frameworks!

In this post, I will try to emphasize on the benefits and usefulness of using development framework and how to update your development stack to next level. In short, this post is meant for those LAMP developers who still are using core PHP/CSS and HTML for development.


Frameworks for LAMP has been around for some time now and have evolved a lot. According to wikipedia

software framework, in computer programming, is an abstraction in which common code providing generic functionality can be selectively overridden or specialized by user code providing specific functionality. Frameworks are a special case of software libraries in that they are reusable abstractions of code wrapped in a well-defined API, yet they contain some key distinguishing features that separate them from normal libraries.

PHP Frameworks

There are a lot of php frameworks to choose from, But I suggest CodeIgniter to beginners.

CodeIgniter - PHP Framework
CodeIgniter - PHP Framework

Why is it best? because it’s really easy to install and learn. Requires minimal configuration and it’s ready to use in 3 minutes. It supports all major databases. All you have to do is call it’s API and it’ll automagically generate SQL queries according to database used. It’s also supports XSS filtering, also has form validation class etc. etc.

It’s also extensible. You can create your own library classes and extend it’s core. There is an extensive documentation which covers each and every aspect of codeigntier.

Home Page:

Other Frameworks to look at

CSS Frameworks

I can list you more than 10 useful CSS Frameworks, but the one that’s very popular and my personal favorite is: BluePrintCSS.

BlurPrintCSS - CSS Framework
BlurPrintCSS - CSS Framework

CSS framework allows you to quickly create websites. This one in particular offers you a grid, typography, forms and even a print css. It’s cross browser compatible so you don’t have to worry about cross browser compatibility. All you have to do to use it is to include screen.css and that’s it. And obviously you’ll have to learn it’s classes though 😉


Other Frameworks to look for

Javascript Frameworks

Javascript frameworks are awesome tools which let you do all kind of animations on the fly, you can also do ajax painlessly.

My personal favorite is: Jquery

Jquery - Javascript Framework
Jquery - Javascript Framework

If you ask me, which framework will win the JS Framework war, I’ll bet on Jquery. It’s so much fun and easy to use. You’ll never look back after using this. I bet you!

Other Javascript Frameworks to look at

Well I think that will be all to get you guys started! If you think I missed out something then do let me know! All comments are welcome

How I got stabbed

Hi all,

Well I know it’s not a good way to start a blog (again) with this kinda post. But I can’t really think of other things rightnow. Those people who know me in person must be knowing that I left me job few months back to start with my entrepreneurial dreams. And guess what, Now I have stared to get this feeling that it was my biggest mistake.

How? Well i joined a friend of mine and started an IT outsourcing company. It was all running fine and going very smoothly. Then after few weeks I started to get a feeling that my partner may be cheating on me. I preferred to remain quiet and waited for some proof that would come by me eventually.

And guess what? Some divine intervention took place. What happened was, when I configured emails for both of us I was trying to learn about forwarding feature in cpanel for emails. I gave it a shot and forwarded every email to some other email address. After sometime, I forgot about it.

Then few weeks back, I received a call from my partner, screaming like anything over the phone. I decided to check my emails on the forwarded email address. I had to reset the password cause i didn’t used it for many months. And what I found was not at all good.

There were paypal receipts in it. And some receipts that I received as a CC from my partner. Amount was different in both of them. Diff was of $200. and couple of other things. I was in a shock.

I don’t know but I was shocked to know that how can a person do this to you. He was my friend for past 8 years.

I think, it’s money that drives you crazy. When I look to it in a positive way, I think that I am lucky I found out about it early. On the other side, I am jobless and nothing to do. I’ll have to start all over again. I am not afraid of that, but I am frustrated about it.

Test Post

this is a test post!