How I got stabbed

Hi all,

Well I know it’s not a good way to start a blog (again) with this kinda post. But I can’t really think of other things rightnow. Those people who know me in person must be knowing that I left me job few months back to start with my entrepreneurial dreams. And guess what, Now I have stared to get this feeling that it was my biggest mistake.

How? Well i joined a friend of mine and started an IT outsourcing company. It was all running fine and going very smoothly. Then after few weeks I started to get a feeling that my partner may be cheating on me. I preferred to remain quiet and waited for some proof that would come by me eventually.

And guess what? Some divine intervention took place. What happened was, when I configured emails for both of us I was trying to learn about forwarding feature in cpanel for emails. I gave it a shot and forwarded every email to some other email address. After sometime, I forgot about it.

Then few weeks back, I received a call from my partner, screaming like anything over the phone. I decided to check my emails on the forwarded email address. I had to reset the password cause i didn’t used it for many months. And what I found was not at all good.

There were paypal receipts in it. And some receipts that I received as a CC from my partner. Amount was different in both of them. Diff was of $200. and couple of other things. I was in a shock.

I don’t know but I was shocked to know that how can a person do this to you. He was my friend for past 8 years.

I think, it’s money that drives you crazy. When I look to it in a positive way, I think that I am lucky I found out about it early. On the other side, I am jobless and nothing to do. I’ll have to start all over again. I am not afraid of that, but I am frustrated about it.

Test Post

this is a test post!