Delhi to Munsiyari – Road Trip, December 2013

One of those days when you can see me jumping all over like a kid, Another Road Trip! This time its Munsiyari, Uttaranchal!

Been a long time, I haven’t been on a road trip. You know it’s been a long time when you start craving for something. Right now, I am craving for a road trip – The dirt, the snow, the chill, the black ice, the anticipation, the excitement… I can go on and on with this.

It’s winters here, in India. And you may know how its gets here in Himalayas. One word description? BAD! And I like this word when it’s associated with a road trip!

It’s going to be five days of complete bliss! No office, no work, no worries. Just me and my machine, conquering himalayan giants.

Also, this time, I will be recording my trip. Live!

I have created a small web application – The Bike Packer. All the way along, I will be tweeting live from my cell phone. And my tweets along with the photos will get pinned onto a Google Map. When I say live, it means that updates are going to be real time. I hope you would like this application.

You are welcome to experience what I would be living.

If all goes well, then this would be my itinerary for this road trip.

25th December:
Start from New Delhi at around 3 AM. Reach Kausani by Evening. Stay there overnight.

26th December:
Start early from Kausani, reach Munsiyari same day.

27th December:
Trek to Khuliya Top. Come back same day. Rest.

28th December:
Start early from Munsiyari. Goto Gangohat. Explore caves at Patal Bhuvneshwar. Head towards Nainital. Rest.

29th December: 
Start from Nainital. Reach Delhi.

Route map on Google Maps:

If interested, you can keep a track of me @ The Bike Packer. I will make this app live on 24th December.

Brace yourselves. Here comes the Movember

Look around you, everyone is growing moustaches. This is that time of the year which brings me bliss. Happy No Shave November people! Hell yeah! No Shaving for a month. And you can look like a cave man – bliss I say!

To honour this tradition – Movember, I am growing my facial hair. So are my colleagues 😀 Check it out at:

This is what I look like right now! God knows what will I turn into at the end! I will try to update you people every now and then.

Movember progress - November 4th
Movember progress – November 4th

Google Plus Project Invites

I’ll keep this post short and straight!

If you are one of those who are still not allowed to use Google+ Project, then you can use following method to get/send an invite:

If  ‘A‘ is a guy already using Google+ and ‘B‘ who wants to use Google+, then:

  1. Ask A to add B as a Gtalk contact.
  2. Ask A to create a new circle and add B as a contact in that circle.
  3. Then, A should update a status message in his stream marked to the newly created circle with B as a contact in it (as you do on Facebook using lock icon for lists).
  4. After the message has been posted, the B will receive an email which acts as an invitation email.
  5. That’s it! Enjoy!

This method worked for me. Let me know if it works for you as well or not.

Google+ Screens

Lately, Google released Google+ Project. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to access Google+ Why? Cause, I am banned from Google Labs.. Reason? My account is marked malicious!

Today, @karansinghmagic sent me an invite :) and I got in! At first glance it felt much better than Facebook, at least visually!

Now for all who want a sneek peak of what Google+ Project looks like, I present following screens. So Enjoy!

Second view towards life!

Why do people tour? Especially on motorcycles?

So it’s time for my next road trip. Yay! It’s been several months since my last trip. Gosh! That was one hell of a trip. Thrilled? Hell yeah! This is much better than the weed I smoked this Friday. The only thing that is irritating me right now is the flu. I hope it gets cured before Thursday.

Coming back to the question. If you ask me, I have no f’ing clue! Though I heard it somewhere that people take up motorcycling because they lost their War of Love. Some say, cause they want to see the world. Seriously? People have their own perception about the things, I won’t be judgmental.

I do it cause, When I am on my bike, I am me. I like the smell of raw nature, that aroma which fills your lungs when you pass through a valley. Those endless roads and that sense of uncertainty.

Plus, It’s the freedom you have, you feel. No worries about work, about people. You don’t have to please anyone. You don’t have to fake your smile. You don’t have to hide!

Imagine yourself standing at the edge of a cliff 10,000 feet above sea level. You can scream your heart out and no one will question you :)

and, for those who couldn’t make out anything from above written text. Well, who cares!

Mating Processingjs and JQuery

In my latest weekend project, I wanted to integrate jquery with processingjs. The way processingjs is developed, it’s requires a little trick to fire up processingjs at will. Though after much struggling I came up with following.

$(document).ready(function() {

dom_el = $("#canvas").get(0);

code = ''; /* fetch source string using ajax or hard code it */

stage.set_stage(function() {
stage_instance = new Processing(dom_el, code);

Code is pretty much self explanatory. The real essence is the Processing() constructor. It takes two arguments viz: Canvas DOM element and the source code string.

You can always fetch source code from a file using $.ajax(). I am using $.get();

Visual Music

Lately, I have been playing around with soundcloud and soundmanager. I always wanted to create an web based music player. Only restriction was that streaming api was not available. Anyways, Soundlcloud’s api seems pretty interesting. I also tried and apis, though i didn’t explored them much.

I am using Anton Lindqvist‘s soundcloud api wrapper along with soundmanager which happens to be the best api wrapper I was able to find for soundcloud so far.

soundcloud + soundmanager = free music 24x7!

I wanted to take to the next level. I wanted to add visualization to it. I still remember when winamp was released, it took world by a storm. It’s visualizations played an important role in it’s success.

And since, most of browsers now support html5 canvas. Then why not create a visualizer! I immediately started looking for canvas frameworks. Found a lot of them, but then decided to use processingjs. I am still playing around with processing. So, currently I don’t anything to show. Though I was able to make a ball bounce here and there based on DSP data. Will try to share some of the source code soon!

It’s a weekend project therefore, won’t be able to devote much time on it. And, since my last attempt to roll out a working product got stalled royally, I have decided to go slow with this one.

Honeymoon with Nature

I am back from a trip i went recently. I have been talking about it on my blog. It was super fun. I wanted to write a travel log about this trip, but never got a chance. Work has started taking toll on me lately.

Anyways, to give you guys a perception about where all I went, here are few flicks of the trip.

IMG_2209 IMG_2225 IMG_2136 IMG_2118 IMG_2045

More photos on Flickr

I wish I had more time and could have written more about my experiences. Can’t help for now. Maybe next time I’ll write!

Let The Engines Roar

all my bags are packed, I am ready to go…

Few days back a friend asked me if I am interested in a road trip! I without even thinking for a second said yes. After all who thinks twice for these things? Atleast I don’t!

So, After a long time I am all set to go for another long road trip, spanning North India. Courtsey Gaurav Ram Sharma! Also, this will my first trip on a vehicle that I own :)

The Great Plan

Anyways, Plan is to see the longest distance we (yeah, ‘we’! you thought I’ll be going alone? haha) travel in a single trip. Till now we have planned to travel around 1600kms in four days. We will be starting from Delhi and thinking of going till Kaza and coming back. All of this in four days. Now thats what I call a sick idea.

Heroic Route

As of now we have only planned one half of our journey* (remember, I have right of changing the plans :P). Alright so this is the plan:

  • Day 1
    Delhi – Chandigarh – Dharampur – Sabathu – Kunihar – Arki – Shallaghat – Dhami – Basantpur – Sunni – Luri – Sainj Rampur -Powri – Kalpa
  • Day II
    Kalpa – Poo – Sumbdhoo- Nako – Tabo

This is what we are planning for day I & II.

It’s gonna be exciting and I just can’t wait any longer.

What am I cooking these Days?

“Hello World!”

It’s been couple of weeks since I have joined a new company. Now,  since that I am working. It meanns that I’ll have less time for doing things that I love most. The descision was not easy but was a necessary one.

Anyways, some of you may be waiting for my post on getting free twitter followers. Well, that post is still lying around as a draft. I never got a chance to complete it. But, dont worry I’ll publish it soon and I guarantee you guys that it will help you!

Now coming to the real motive of this post. After working on WordPress for so many years, I have now decided to give back something to the community. For that, I am building a theme framework. There are plenty already in market, but this one will be awesome! I assure you of that. I won’t leak out the features yet 😉 just have some patience and you’ll see it yourself.

And yes, Only thing you can know right now about it is that I’ll be open source :)