Delhi to Munsiyari – Road Trip, December 2013

One of those days when you can see me jumping all over like a kid, Another Road Trip! This time its Munsiyari, Uttaranchal!

Been a long time, I haven’t been on a road trip. You know it’s been a long time when you start craving for something. Right now, I am craving for a road trip – The dirt, the snow, the chill, the black ice, the anticipation, the excitement… I can go on and on with this.

It’s winters here, in India. And you may know how its gets here in Himalayas. One word description? BAD! And I like this word when it’s associated with a road trip!

It’s going to be five days of complete bliss! No office, no work, no worries. Just me and my machine, conquering himalayan giants.

Also, this time, I will be recording my trip. Live!

I have created a small web application – The Bike Packer. All the way along, I will be tweeting live from my cell phone. And my tweets along with the photos will get pinned onto a Google Map. When I say live, it means that updates are going to be real time. I hope you would like this application.

You are welcome to experience what I would be living.

If all goes well, then this would be my itinerary for this road trip.

25th December:
Start from New Delhi at around 3 AM. Reach Kausani by Evening. Stay there overnight.

26th December:
Start early from Kausani, reach Munsiyari same day.

27th December:
Trek to Khuliya Top. Come back same day. Rest.

28th December:
Start early from Munsiyari. Goto Gangohat. Explore caves at Patal Bhuvneshwar. Head towards Nainital. Rest.

29th December: 
Start from Nainital. Reach Delhi.

Route map on Google Maps:

If interested, you can keep a track of me @ The Bike Packer. I will make this app live on 24th December.

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