Coach – PHP App Deployment Tool

I love writing code and I love creating new software. If you have been following my blog lately, then you may have noticed that I have been exploring a lot of stuff that has happened in PHP world lately. Laravel, Phonegap, Composer etc.

Then I bumped into Capistrano, Scalr and Chef! – awesome tools for deployment. I loved these so much that I wanted to roll out something on my own. So here I present you Coach. My latest experiment :)

Coach – A PHP App Deployment Tool. Its written in PHP, for PHP. With Coach, I want to build a simple deployment tool that can deploy PHP apps to different servers together. Right now, there is not much to explore. You can’t use it for production. If you want to see what I am up to, you can check Coach here.

Oh and if you want to contribute, you are most welcome!

Happy Programming!

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Neeraj Kumar

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