So, I have started playing with PhoneGap at last. I find it a little funny though, how we developers/programmers can trick no-tech guys. I mean its just a web browser which is launched in full screen mode.

Anyways, PhoneGap is bloody easy to work on. If you are a good web developer, you can create and release an app in under two mins, Literally!

I have been monitoring PhoneGap since it’s inception. But stayed away because it was in beta. With version 3.0.0 they have labeled it stable. I beg to differ. It’s nowhere close to stable. Maybe that was too harsh. Actually, Its not that stable is the correct way of putting it. There are bugs:

First, I installed it on my MAC. Created an app. Changed config.xml to pick up icons that I created. I compiled it and installed it on my device and BAM! My icons were nowhere. PhoneGap didn’t pick up my icons. Instead, it installed default icons. Natural Instinct? I searched! And after a lot of searching I saw I wasn’t the only one facing this issue. As a good programmer, I wanted to log it as an issue, but someone else already did. So, it’s ok!

Second, I installed PhoneGap on my Ubuntu Machine. Created a new project. opened up the www folder and all I could see was index.html and a config.xml file. The file structure and files that PhoneGap builds is completely different on different OS. I didn’t try it on my windows machine though.

So far it’s the experience is okish. I can create apps, beautiful apps. All hail to HTML5 and CSS3. But it would be great if PhoneGap could keep the file structure similar on different OS. Otherwise, whats the point of being a cross-platform development framework.

I hope they fix these soon!

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