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How Social is this URL?

At the place where I work, we do a lot of research about a brand before pitching an idea to them.

One of the key metrics that we present to our clients is the social reach of their products, websites etc. It’s a simple metric that tell you a lot about the health of a brand.

But lately, I noticed that whenever a person in our office had to get these numbers, he/she had to ask someone from tech team to get it for him/her. This is a time consuming process, plus it wastes a lot of time of my tech resources. Solution? Spend 1 hour to build a simple tool and save numerous hours that are wasted on digging up these numbers.

So I built this tool: Shared Count. Its a very simple tool that asks you for a URL and returns various social counts for it. Sure tools like these exists. Why I created this? Because, other tools don’t have a good UI. Mine has. At least it’s better in my view. Plus, I will have control over it. I can modify the code at will. Include/exclude features or supported websites.

I have released its code as open source. You can check it at Github. Fork it, Modify it.

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Neeraj Kumar

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