Codeigniter is not dead! And yes, Laravel is sexy!

Everywhere, everyone is saying CodeIgniter is dead! CodeIgniter is not dead so shut up!

That’s being said. Lately I have been exploring a lot of new things, new for me. I learnt composer. I have ported a library as a composer package which I use in my company. Learnt nodejs. And started exploring ExpressJS.

Then I bumped into Laravel. The sweet little thing that is gaining a lot of traction these days. and which is giving a lot of heat to CodeIgniter is dead argument. Well I beg to differ. CodeIgniter is not dead.

First of all let me tell you from my experience. CodeIgniter is a boon for those developers who want to dive into MVC and PHP Frameworks. CodeIgniter is dead simple to use. Install it and start using it right away. Laravel fans will argue that same goes for Laravel. But you see, for using Laravel properly, you need to know how to use Composer and some other little things.

The beauty of CodeIgniter lies in it’s simplicity. You don’t need to define routes for starters. unzip the code, create a new Controller and there you go.

No doubt Laravel is awesome. I liked Laravel too. I am going to ditch CodeIgniter pretty soon. but not because it is dead. But because, Laravel is built on top of good programming patterns and concepts. Dependency Injection is exactly how you should write your code. Every Class should only know what is happening inside it. Nothing more. You should be able to change dependencies on the fly. Move to other Database with one line change.

But still, there are a lot of apps I have built that are built using CI. And there are a lot of websites that are built on CI out there. There are millions of websites out where built on top of CI. So it’s not going anywhere. CodeIgniter will stay for a little longer.

Yes, CodeIgniter is not dead. But at the same time, Laravel is pretty sexy too!

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