Travel and Travel often!

Yesterday, I received an invitation from Medium. I was wondering whether I will post again or not. And here I am!

What inspired me today, besides Medium’s excellent editor, a video. A video which mad me happy and sad at the same time. Check it here. A colleague sent it to me. The timing was bang on. I was thinking about my cancelled plan. The last trip I wanted to go for. My yearly ritual to Himalayas. Didn’t happen this year.

Somehow this video shook me from the inside. It made me realise that working your ass off will only get you money ( yes some happiness too, but temporary happiness ). Day by day, I am becoming mundane.

Maybe its a hint, maybe its not. What I do know is, I will travel more often from now on. Even if its a weekend getaway, I am going to pick up my bike and head in a direction.