Second view towards life!

Why do people tour? Especially on motorcycles?

So it’s time for my next road trip. Yay! It’s been several months since my last trip. Gosh! That was one hell of a trip. Thrilled? Hell yeah! This is much better than the weed I smoked this Friday. The only thing that is irritating me right now is the flu. I hope it gets cured before Thursday.

Coming back to the question. If you ask me, I have no f’ing clue! Though I heard it somewhere that people take up motorcycling because they lost their War of Love. Some say, cause they want to see the world. Seriously? People have their own perception about the things, I won’t be judgmental.

I do it cause, When I am on my bike, I am me. I like the smell of raw nature, that aroma which fills your lungs when you pass through a valley. Those endless roads and that sense of uncertainty.

Plus, It’s the freedom you have, you feel. No worries about work, about people. You don’t have to please anyone. You don’t have to fake your smile. You don’t have to hide!

Imagine yourself standing at the edge of a cliff 10,000 feet above sea level. You can scream your heart out and no one will question you :)

and, for those who couldn’t make out anything from above written text. Well, who cares!

Mating Processingjs and JQuery

In my latest weekend project, I wanted to integrate jquery with processingjs. The way processingjs is developed, it’s requires a little trick to fire up processingjs at will. Though after much struggling I came up with following.

$(document).ready(function() {

dom_el = $("#canvas").get(0);

code = ''; /* fetch source string using ajax or hard code it */

stage.set_stage(function() {
stage_instance = new Processing(dom_el, code);

Code is pretty much self explanatory. The real essence is the Processing() constructor. It takes two arguments viz: Canvas DOM element and the source code string.

You can always fetch source code from a file using $.ajax(). I am using $.get();

Visual Music

Lately, I have been playing around with soundcloud and soundmanager. I always wanted to create an web based music player. Only restriction was that streaming api was not available. Anyways, Soundlcloud’s api seems pretty interesting. I also tried and apis, though i didn’t explored them much.

I am using Anton Lindqvist‘s soundcloud api wrapper along with soundmanager which happens to be the best api wrapper I was able to find for soundcloud so far.

soundcloud + soundmanager = free music 24x7!

I wanted to take to the next level. I wanted to add visualization to it. I still remember when winamp was released, it took world by a storm. It’s visualizations played an important role in it’s success.

And since, most of browsers now support html5 canvas. Then why not create a visualizer! I immediately started looking for canvas frameworks. Found a lot of them, but then decided to use processingjs. I am still playing around with processing. So, currently I don’t anything to show. Though I was able to make a ball bounce here and there based on DSP data. Will try to share some of the source code soon!

It’s a weekend project therefore, won’t be able to devote much time on it. And, since my last attempt to roll out a working product got stalled royally, I have decided to go slow with this one.