Looking Back

So, Yesterday I was trying to clean up the F: on my computer’s primary hdd. I was hunting for files which i didn’t even open for more than 5 years. I was about to press shift + del then just stopped. I thought, let me see the files before deleting them. Later, I thanked my instincts for not letting me pressing the keys.

I remembered how I used to sit for hours with a piece of C++ source code and try to figure out how to solve this freaking problem. I was quite surprised seeing the C++ code. I was in ninth grade and was doing system’s programming. I also found out a portable BOCHS installation configured to run as i386.

I also found out a 16 bit MS executable. I fired it up, ended up with a subsystem error! no worries though, I have MS 98 on VirtualBox. I fired it up again. found out that I was actually trying to clone Duck Hunt :D. There were couple of more MS executables.. hangman.exe, mosquito_repeller.exe, key_logger.exe etc.

I did upload some of the code on planet-source-code.com. well, those were days too.

As far as cleaning is concerned, I have moved all my data to Dump Folder.

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