Semantic Experiment

With social media growing like hell, There’s a wealth of information available over Internet. Be it a company, or a brand or even me for that matter, everybody is talking about everyone.

Put simply,

If you exist in the ‘real’ world, I am talking about you!

Well, this post is not about Social Media or it’s impact or whatever. I am a programmer for god’s sake! It’s about what you can do about this information and how to analyze it and an approach I would be using. Seems Interesting, eh? Yeah it is, but you see, now arises a problem!

The Problem

It’s information out there not just data, you Moron! 😀 If you want to get some knowledge, you have to work on information. Remember classic (data -> information -> knowledge) rule! It applies here.

Short answer: Take advantage of others and use their system to do the tough part on your behalf. There are a lots of systems that are available online for use. For eg. you can use OpenCalais to semantically analyse information to get knowledge. And/or you can use systems like Social Mention to get the popularity index for a ‘Information’.


I am currently working on a system which does this kind of processing and the system is working perfectly so far. I can’t give out techs or specs about it. Yeah, I could land up behind bars for doing that! 😛

I am still working on it and discovering a lot of things everyday. I’ll post hows and whats of it when I am done building it.

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