Let The Engines Roar

all my bags are packed, I am ready to go…

Few days back a friend asked me if I am interested in a road trip! I without even thinking for a second said yes. After all who thinks twice for these things? Atleast I don’t!

So, After a long time I am all set to go for another long road trip, spanning North India. Courtsey Gaurav Ram Sharma! Also, this will my first trip on a vehicle that I own :)

The Great Plan

Anyways, Plan is to see the longest distance we (yeah, ‘we’! you thought I’ll be going alone? haha) travel in a single trip. Till now we have planned to travel around 1600kms in four days. We will be starting from Delhi and thinking of going till Kaza and coming back. All of this in four days. Now thats what I call a sick idea.

Heroic Route

As of now we have only planned one half of our journey* (remember, I have right of changing the plans :P). Alright so this is the plan:

  • Day 1
    Delhi – Chandigarh – Dharampur – Sabathu – Kunihar – Arki – Shallaghat – Dhami – Basantpur – Sunni – Luri – Sainj Rampur -Powri – Kalpa
  • Day II
    Kalpa – Poo – Sumbdhoo- Nako – Tabo

This is what we are planning for day I & II.

It’s gonna be exciting and I just can’t wait any longer.

New home

Heyy everybody,

I am writing this post to tell you that Portraiture – Ultimate free WordPress theme has got a new home at: http://portraiture.neerajkumar.name

Do take a look around :) Also, do share it with your friends if you like it :)