Million Faces, One Window!

Lots has changed since my college got over. A lot of my friends are doing stuff which is not normal. A wannabe scientist is working for a private firm and writing code. Electronics engineer became network analyst. Other one has got into full time rapping.

This is about one of my crazy ass friend who’s an engineer turned photographer. One can easily see his passion in his work. Specially for concept photography. And why I am writing about him or even this post? Because I liked his concept and what he wants to do.

Yesterday, when I met him he told me about his idea and how wants to collect one million photographs, Yeah you read it right! One Million. Idea is nice but I only have one question for him.

How the hell will you be able to acomplish this and that too in your own lifetime?

Well he has some crazy ideas, let see. I hope he makes it!

BTW, you can see his what he’s up to with his idea here.