To earn or not to

All who know me, know that I like to work on hobby projects every now and then. And sometimes I somehow manage to create something nice. I always used to release things under open source license.

But lately, I have received an offer. An offer which is quite appealing. For last few weeks I have been working on another project I have been working on as a hobby. I showed it to one of my friend. And the first words that his vocal chords produced were

WOW dude … We should sell this stuff as SAAS and make money!

This is when my mind took a roller coaster ride. I never thought about my any project like this. I mean seriously? Should I sell stuff I create? Thee questions are bothering me because, I have always been a avid supporter of open source. And selling software has never been my cup of tea.

Now he’s constantly trying to sell is idea of selling stuff and maybe I will buy his idea. After all making some extra money isn’t bad 😉

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Neeraj Kumar

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  • Floydverma

    What the fuck are you creating??? the iphone app???

  • Neeraj Kumar

    naah dude… it's a complete yet very simple solution to one's everyday problem. iPhone is included but the it may take time..

    will let everybody know about it when it's ready … :)