8 Things I hate about Ubuntu

Post title says it’s all… Following are the ten things that I hate about Ubuntu:

  1. It’s Free – It’s free that means I don’t have to pay anything. And company is loosing millions of dollars by freely distributing it.
  2. It’s Open Source – Being Open source, I can put my fucking name on the start-up screen. I love Windows which don’t let me change anything.
  3. So many Free games – There are so many free games available on the Internet for Ubuntu, I only want to have Solitaire to be playable in Ubuntu.
  4. Support is readily available – I hate the way I can post a message in support forums and get a solution within hours (sometimes in minutes).
  5. Runs on everything – I can run Ubuntu on my netbook, laptop, PC, and everything thing else. Why?? I don’t need multi hardware support.
  6. Faster than Windows – I don’t like it when I see Ubuntu booting up ten times quickly than Windows
  7. That n-th level of customization – I can make my desktop look like anything by using easy to use apps.
  8. It’s Easy – Ubuntu is so easy to use that I can even teach my grandma how to use it. Sick!!! I don’t want her to sneak up in my F drive