Convert your PC into an Ultimate Idiot Box

in this fast paced world, technology now days changes very frequently. this amazes me that back in those old days one was confined to it’s idiot box for entertainment. But now, everybody watches videos on youtube.

Anyways, I am not that good in writing stuff and articles, so I’ll skip the chitchat and come straight to the point.

Good Ol’ Microsoft

Many of you guys must be using Media Center from Microsoft. Media Center is a very good software that will convert your system into an entertainment hub. Only downside I know about it is it’s price!!! It’s costly and many of us don’t wanna spend that much fro a new software.

But thank god there is open source freaks out there. Lately, I was trying to ind a good alternative for Media Center and what I found changed my way of watching movies on computer and damn yes I’ll purchase a TV tuner card now.

Let’s Meet Boxee

Boxee is an open source initiative which allows you to watch movies on you PC or TV either from Internet or your local hard drive.

Boxee is the best way to enjoy entertainment from the Internet and computer on your PC or TV

What I like about Boxee is that It’s open source which means it’s completely free. It’s intuitive and has a very good GUI which most of the open source software lacks. It let’s you watch videos, movies and even listen to podcasts or music either from Internet or your PC.

Boxee Beta from boxee on Vimeo.

Also, It’s extensible, which means there are lots of plugins available for it. You can even use facebook on it. It runs on multiple platforms like Windows, linux, Debian and MAC.

Geeky Stuff

For all those geeks out there here’s little information about it for you:

  • It’s open source, means you can change the name to your name
  • It’s based on award winning XMBC. But it has more intuitive GUI
  • It fetches subtitles and disc images fro movies from IMDB
  • Has inbuilt media library
  • Uses DirectX and OpenGL for rendering.

Give it a try, it’s worth.