Why Do Most of the Startups Fail

This post is related to my life. It’s a kind of experience I have gained in last few years.

Never trust anyone, not even your best friend

This one’s hard to digest but is a bitter truth about life. Money can make anybody crazy like a coo-koo :) If you are starting a business in a partnership then do remember to agree everything on papers not on words. It’s doesn’t take much time to make people crazy

Never start without money

Everyone talks about this, you must have read it over Internet. This one specifically applies for those who are not fully enthusiastic about their businesses. Everyone thinks that they are, but think again!

Never open your cards unless required

Never share what you have in your mind related to your business, You never know who may steal your idea. There’s a saying that says

anyone can copy your idea, but no one can copy your execution

This is true but only if you have launched your product. Don’t share it if you have not started developing it.

Get a MBA if it’s required

There are a lot of debates happening all the time on this. Not every body requires a MBA. Some are born leaders and some have support in many other ways. I would suggest if you are require MBA then go for it. It’s only two years that will be wasted on studies and it’s better to waste them on studies then rather repenting your whole life.

Few Examples of those whom I think should get an MBA

  • A Person from a non business background or family
  • A person who have less money and want to start a traditional business
  • A person from a pure technical background without managerial experience
  • A person who lacks managerial skills

These are some thing that I have learnt, hope will help you guys.

Twitter is down again

It seems that Hackers have fallen in love with twitter. This is the second time I am seeing twitter being down for more than 20 minutes. Twitter is really finding it hard to handle “Over Capacity”.

Yeah It’s been more than 20 minutes now. If you goto http://www.twitter.com/ you’ll see following image:

Twitter home page
Twitter home page

I think twitter guys should take their system’s weaknesses more seriously now. On the other side, I was wondering whether Mr. Bill Gates has to do something with it 😉 He recently joined Twitter *grin*read about this news here http://mashable.com/2010/01/19/bill-gates-twitter/!

Asset Management in CodeIgntier

This is a quick tip, I wanna share with you all.

many of you must be using CodeIgniter for development of web apps. And I know everyone of you must have faced the problem of asset management (css, JS, images) in Codeigntier. Well here’s a quick tip for it and making it hassle free.

use of base tag in head section

First of all place all your files in some folder, this is how I use it. I always create three folders viz. css, images and js in root folder of codeigniter app. Then add following in head section

<base href=”<?php echo base_url(); ?>” />

After this, u can use only partial links in all you linking relative to you base href’s property!

For eg.

<script src=”js/jquery.min.js”></script>

and thats all, You won’t have to include base_url all the time in your codes for linking. It can be used for everything like images, scripts, css files etc.

Hope you find it useful!